Growing up, I’m pretty sure we were one of the very first families to own a remote control TV. That’s really remarkable considering how frugal my father was. I don’t know how much extra it was to get a remote controlled TV back then, but I guarantee you it wasn’t cheap. Dad rarely spent money on newfangled gadgets just for the sake of having the latest greatest invention. So that meant that he bit his lip, and dug deep into his wallet to make this particular purchase. Why would he do that? It certainly wasn’t because we all were too lazy to get up and change the channel.

My father spent that extra money for one simple reason – control. In those days with only three channels, television programing was G-rated. But even back then, every once in a while, up popped something that he deemed inappropriate. Examples included; a cigarettes or liquor ad, or a show that was getting too risqué, or included mild cursing. As we got older we were allowed to watch certain programs without parental supervision, however, we had to follow the “you better change the channel if” rule. The oldest child was given the remote. But as TV evolved, it became almost impossible to manage. It was inevitable that we’d all be watching something with grandma when the dreaded tampon commercial caught us all off guard. Man was that embarrassing!

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to impose those kind of protective restrictions in today’s society. Because today, anything goes. What used to make us blush, now happens so frequently that shame has lost its meaning and its place in our homes, schools, government, and even some churches. As the prophet Jeremiah said, “They were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush.”

In his blog titled; The Death of Shame, pastor Tim Challies wrote, “Humans rely on rules to keep us acting within the bounds of morality and within the bounds of shame. When these rules are tossed out and when shame disappears, so too does our willingness to restrain ourselves. With no concept of obscenity there is no shame; with no shame, anything goes. ‘In a shameless culture…self-restraint is continually undermined.’”

So, my challenge to you is this; be constantly checking your blush-barometer, to make sure that its working the way God intended it to.

“They were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush.” Jeremiah 6:15